Matty's Puzzle Pack

Making the first steps easier for families.

We want you to know that you're definitely not alone in this journey. Yes, there are very important therapies and services that you need to know about...and we will help shine a light on some of those programs as you navigate next steps...but we also want you to know that you not only have therapies and medical services available to have friends! People who understand. People who care and are willing to just listen, or lovingly offer helpful suggestions... because we have been right where you are.

In addition to awarding scholarships for essential camps and programs to MN families, Twin Cities Autism Foundation now offers another welcoming and helping hand to individuals and families after they receive an Autism diagnosis. Our focus is to help smooth the transition into the challenging, but often beautiful, world of Autism. In 2021, the newly established "Puzzle Pack" is yet another offering that Twin Cities Autism Foundation is proud to bring to the local community.

Our Puzzle Packs continue to evolve to have more items and information included. Your pack will likely include the following and more:

  • Backpack!
  • T-Shirt
  • Stress Ball
  • Puzzle
  • Helpful Book
  • Information about the best local and national social media communities to connect with (coming soon)
  • Information about therapies and service providers (coming soon)
  • and more!

Matty's Puzzle Packs are intended for those who were recently diagnosed (2020 or after) and can be requested by either the family or the medical provider. If you're not a medical provider or a family with a recent diagnosis, you may also request a Matty's Puzzle Pack and its contents, by making a one-time contribution of $80 (pass-through cost of the backpack and included items) to Twin Cities Autism Foundation. TCAF still pays the cost of shipping!

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