In-person gatherings for individuals with special needs
AND the parents and caregivers that love them!

What is a Hangout?

As much as medical interventions, education, therapies and other services are needed for our special needs loved ones…they also need friends! They need a community of humans where they feel like they’re part of something. They need to find other people to spend time with, where they feel comfortable and confident.

Where they don’t feel judged.

But what about the parents and caregivers who are giving their all for these precious and sometimes vulnerable children, family members and friends?

Who is there for you to talk to? What happenings are consistently there to engage-in, so you can meet people - in- person - who are walking a similar path?

There are plenty of wonderful on-line communities to share stories, connect digitally and learn new ideas. But what about finding a tribe (or a “pack!”) you can be part of, where you can ask questions, be reminded that you’re not alone, AND satisfy your need as a human to actually BE WITH other humans?

Sponsored by Twin Cities Autism Foundation and other local businesses, Matty’s Puzzle Pack HANGOUTS are personal gatherings where both the individual with special needs AND the caregiver can connect, meet friends, share struggles, celebrate milestones and be surrounded by love.

Please join us at our next Matty’s Puzzle Pack HANGOUT!

Upcoming Hangouts

As parents and caregivers, we are well aware that our loved ones sometimes need our help when it comes to making friends. We often need to lend them a helping hand in making connections, and honestly, sometimes we, as the parent or caregiver to our loved one, need a place to share and find some common ground as well.

Are you looking for an in-person activity for your special needs child or young adult? Are you seeking a place where they can have fun and feel like they belong? Are you also looking for a place where you belong as a parent? Look no further… We are currently working on upcoming Matty's Puzzle Pack HANGOUTS such as:

  • Sensory-Friendly Saints Game HANGOUT
  • Party in the Park HANGOUT
  • Private Movie Showing HANGOUT
  • Bowling HANGOUT
  • Painting Party HANGOUT
  • More ideas coming in! Please share yours!